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Absolute Protective Systems, Inc.
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The Victaulic Vortex® 500: Hybrid Fire Suppression System

The Victaulic Vortex® 500 Fire Suppression System is self-contained, requiring no additional piping once placed in the risk area, and unlike other technologies that use toxic agents, it can activate immediately without pre-discharge delay. With only 0.26 gallons of water discharged from each emitter per minute, minimal wetting is incurred.

The Victaulic Vortex 500 Fire Suppression system is a hybrid system incorporating liquid (water) and inert gas (nitrogen) extinguishing agents discharged together from a single emitter. Using proprietary supersonic technology, the system atomizes the water forming a dense homogeneous suspension of nitrogen and water. In this manner, two extinguishment mechanisms are occurring simultaneously: cooling and oxygen reduction.

Contact us at Absolute Protective Systems, Inc. to schedule a free fire suppression analysis of your facility.

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