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Absolute Protective Systems, Inc.
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As cellular/wireless and internet- based phone services replace traditional copper phone lines, Fire/Security Alarm communications technology also continue to evolve. Cellular communication systems are quickly becoming the industry standard for Fire/Security Alarm solutions. And when it comes to Fire Alarm and Burglar Alarm communications to the Central Monitoring Station, we understand failure is not an option. As a result, we offer a full line of superior cellular communication options to ensure the vital link between our Central Monitoring Station and your Fire/Security Alarm system is reliable, future-proof and cost effective. Our SMART CONNECT


We offer the most reliable and secure alarm communication system available on the market through our WIRELESS MESH RADIO system. The wireless mesh-radio technology creates a redundant network of communication devices that produces the most reliable connections between your alarm system and our Central Monitoring Station. Our system employs an industry leading Intelligent Mesh Network technology that creates a self-healing and self-configuring communication path requiring no reliance upon local phone or cellular service providers.


  • Reduce Monthly Costs by Eliminating Phone Line Fees, Service Charges and Taxes
  • Reduce Cost of Ownership by reducing Monthly Monitoring Fees and eliminating future equipment replacement cost due to Technology Sunset obsolescence
  • Eliminate Single-Point-of-Failures with the self-healing and self-configuring characteristics of the Intelligent Network
  • Quickest response time to the Central Monitoring Station of all other Fire/Security Alarm communication technologies ensuring immediate response
  • Continuous Communication between your Fire/Security Alarm system and the Central Monitoring Station ensuring uninterrupted protection of life and property



This offering is an advanced cellular alarm communication system designed specifically for commercial/residential fire and burglar systems. The SMART CONNECT – CELLULAR service affords Fire/Security Alarm users a reliable and secure alternative to the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network – eliminating the need for costly dedicated copper phone lines. This cellular technology is tested and approved to work with for almost all alarm systems on the market today. Consequently, Fire/Security Alarm users are ensured of a reliable, fast and accurate communication link to our Central Monitoring Station.


  • Eliminate Alarm Communication Tampering due to the elimination of Copper Phone Lines
  • Save on Monthly Telephone Service Costs by Eliminating Expensive Copper Phone Line Services
  • Receive Continuous and Reliable Communication with Our Central Monitoring Station ensuring Immediate and Accurate alarm notifications 24 hours a day, all year long


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