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Absolute Protective Systems, Inc.
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Absolute Protective Systems, Inc. helps keep your family safe with various life safety equipment. One of the most valuable pieces of equipment we sell is our monitored smoke detectors.

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These detectors are an essential tool in protecting your home and family.

A monitored smoke detector works two prong. When it detects smoke inside the home, not only does it sound locally, but it also sends a signal through your home alarm system to the alarm company’s central station. The central station operator can then contact your local fire department who will respond to the fire.

This service is incredibly valuable, as first responders will be contacted in the event of a fire emergency regardless of you being home or not. If you’re home during an actual fire, your primary focus needs to be either putting out the fire or getting out of the house. The monitored smoke detector takes away the responsibility of notifying the fire department (as it will do that through contacting the central station and notifying them of the fire).

Fire detection and fire safety should always be top of mind, and a monitored smoke detector is a key tool for fire prevention!

And if you’re away from your home and a fire were to start, without a monitored smoke detector you’d have no idea of the situation occurring. The monitored smoke detector contacts the central station whether you’re home or away. This provides unparalleled peace of mind.

Monitored smoke detectors are an integral tool to keeping a home protected. This is shown by insurance companies giving homes with monitored smoke detectors a discounted rate.

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