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Absolute Protective Systems, Inc.
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Absolute Protective Systems, Inc. designs, sells, installs, inspects, and maintains integrated solutions that are customized for each client.

Our installed system services include:

  • Acceptance testing
  • System certification
  • Inspection, diagnostic testing and maintenance

Making Sure Your Fire Protection Systems Perform When Needed

Absolute Protective Systems, Inc.’s fire alarm system test and inspection specialists expose and resolve problems before your people and property are put at risk. Scheduled preventive maintenance keeps all components – control panels, pull stations, detectors, and annunciators – ready for an emergency.
Our world-class smoke detector maintenance program includes functional and sensitivity testing, cleaning, replacement and stock supply. It keeps your detectors operational and helps minimize false alarms. Our comprehensive automatic sprinkler system testing and inspection program is based on NFPA codes 25 and 13. Trained specialists correct problems that could impact safety, and provide thorough documentation for compliance with insurance and fire codes. Maintenance that keeps your fire extinguishers charged and operational is a critical safety measure.

Backflow Prevention:

Absolute Protective Systems, Inc. provides it’s customers with full backflow prevention services, from installation, to inspection, testing and repair.  Our employees are trained and certified by the New England Water Works Assocation.
Range/kitchen hood systems must be in good operating condition to meet the challenge of today’s high-temperature appliances that use oil and solid fuels. Schedule regular inspection and maintenance to prevent a costly loss.
Avoid a dangerous failure of your facility’s emergency lights by scheduling periodic regular testing and inspection in accordance with NFPA 101 (Life Safety Code.) Our specialists efficiently identify problems and replace defective units.

Vital Inspection Check-Ups for Your Integrated Security Applications

Burglar alarms/intrusion systems benefit from Absolute Protective Systems, Inc. periodic inspection and preventive maintenance that includes testing of glass-break sensors, cleaning the optics of motion detectors, realigning magnetic door sensors and other steps that keep your facilities safe.
Keeping access control systems dependable will positively impact an operation’s security and productivity. When they are down, no one gets in the building. Join the many customers who choose Absolute Protective Systems, Inc. to ensure uninterrupted system performance that gives the right people access to their facilities.
If you are not inspecting your CCTV systems on a regular basis, you should be. Video surveillance demands the highest levels of uptime. Our service and maintenance options for installed CCTV and security technologies help protect your people and property from unwelcome intruders, insurance fraud, and more.

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