At Absolute Protective Systems, Inc. we understand that unique hazards and environmental conditions require different technologies. Fire alarm and detection products have changed dramatically over the years. Absolute Protective Systems, Inc. offers the most technologically advanced lines available, including conventional fire and smoke detection, flame and water detection, and the latest in analog addressable smoke detection. So when special conditions exist, we work with our clients to combine the right detection and controls to provide the right solution for unique detection problems. The results are sophisticated and integrated systems designed to buy you time in the earliest stages of a fire – when it makes a difference.

Businesses, organizations, and government buildings in New Jersey have been relying on fire protection services from Absolute Protective Systems, Inc.  since 1978.  Our full-service: design, install, service and inspection services provide you with peace-of-mind that comes with a dedicated partner in fire protection.

No matter what the size or type of facility, Absolute Protective Systems, Inc. can customize a security, monitoring, access control, or communications system to meet all your business’ needs. We understand that cutting edge technology, modular design, product innovation, and scalability translates into powerful capabilities and features for our clients.

As a full service provider for security and fire protection systems, we provide complete engineering, design, installation and maintenance service. We’re proud to serve a wide array of customers ranging from residential systems to multi-location industrial companies.

Whether your solution is one or two products from our security offering or a customized integration of multiple products, Absolute Protective Systems, Inc. offers a comprehensive suite of tools to meet your business needs, in the following areas:

Our goal is to protect your buildings, inventory and people from fire and security related threats.  Our central station monitoring operation provides comprehensive, 24/7 monitoring of all your systems to ensure immediate and accurate notification to first responders.

Our installed system services include:

  • Acceptance testing
  • System certification
  • Inspection, diagnostic testing and maintenance

Advanced Home Security & Fire Protection from Absolute Protective Systems, Inc. since 1978.

We offer a full line of superior cellular communication options to ensure the vital link between our Central Monitoring Station and your Fire/Security Alarm system is reliable, future-proof and cost effective.

Our SMART CONNECT service affords Fire/Security Alarm users a reliable and secure alternative to the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network

What Sets Absolute Protective Systems, Inc. Apart?

Experience the Absolute Protective Systems, Inc. advantage:

  • Single source for all life safety & integrated security needs
  • Same day service response
  • Live central monitoring center support
  • Factory trained professionals
  • Local focus with global solutions