Fire Alarm Systems

Protect Your Facility with Fire Alarm Systems & Smoke Detectors that work as part of your overall Security System.

Fire alarm systems are vital for your family and employees safety. Your number one priority is to protect your people and property. Absolute Protective Systems, Inc. engineers and installs fire alarm systems that provide an alert to notify family or employees the need to evacuate. Your fire alarm system should detect smoke early to provide ample time for evacuation. 24/7 monitoring can provide quick emergency response. Testing and inspections will assure that the system is up-to-date and working efficiently. An integrated fire alarm system will make a safe residential or working environment. We are committed to being a reliable provider you can count on.


A fire alarm system is designed to:

  • Detect smoke and other hazards
  • Alert employees and facilitate adequate time for evacuation
  • Ensure a timely response to any emergency
  • Protect life and property

Protecting your home or business from fire or other hazard starts with a strong, trusted partner. Absolute Protective Systems, Inc. will design, install, and maintain fire alarm systems specifically suited to your business or residential needs. We provide testing and inspections to give you confidence and trust that your system is working properly. Absolute Protective System will survey your building for existing fire alarm systems that may require an upgrade or overhaul, then walk you through a myriad of options available. If your building does not have an adequate fire alarm system, we will recommend the most appropriate system to match your needs and budget. Our fire alarm system audit will evaluate and verity that all equipment is functioning properly and we offer solutions to keep your system up-to-date. Protect with the best!

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