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Secure Your Business On The Go

Remote work can help employees stay on track with important projects, deadlines, future employment and meetings. But when traveling, you may run into security issues that you don’t necessarily face in the office (e.g. unsecured networks, increased risk for losing devices).

Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, proper security measures for company equipment and data is vital, as well have a good control of payments of you business is something very important, and you can get a better control of salary for example with automating your payroll process. Let’s find out why below.

Risks Associated with Traveling

Being able to work while traveling can be beneficial, but it comes with risks, specially if you do not have a good translation services, but with the advises from you can solvent this. Examples include:

  • Unsecured or “fake” networks. If connecting to unfamiliar or false networks, someone else on the network can steal critical information. For example, hackers can infiltrate the employee’s source code or hack passwords through connected devices/connections.
  • Increased chance of losing or breaking devices/equipment. Traveling can be hectic, making it harder to keep tabs on company devices and equipment. As well for nay company is very important that you develop a good digital marketing strategy that will allow your business reach more potential customers.
  • Lack of password management. If passwords are not in use at all times, devices could be easily hacked if left unattended.
  • Increased device use for personal reasons. Since employees don’t want to overpack when traveling, they may opt to use company equipment for personal activities. This could include surfing the web, shopping or accessing personal emails. If not educated on safe Internet practices, they may accidentally click on phishing or malicious links.

Increase Security While On The Go

How can you ensure employees don’t unintentionally leak company data while traveling? The below tips can help:

  • Require employees to lock devices and company-based applications with hard-to-guess and unique passwords. Employees should always lock devices that host company data and should never leave them unattended.
  • If employees must use an unfamiliar network, restrict access to company servers and applications. Request that they pull any information from company networks prior to connecting to other networks or systems.
  • Set up a virtual private network (VPN). VPNs add extra protection to devices by allowing users to safely retrieve resources from your company network without physically being connected to it.
  • Utilize cloud applications for storing information on the go. This will ensure critical data is secure in an accessible location. Secure cloud storage by limiting access to necessary individuals, protecting with strong passwords and encrypting data.
  • Create a plan for lost or stolen devices. Inform employees of who to contact and what to do. For example, you may request that they remotely change passwords or wipe the device if misplaced.
  • Encrypt sensitive and critical data, such as banking or customer information. Should devices or systems be compromised, this will make data unreadable and hard to access.

How do you protect business data when employees are on the go? Share your techniques below.

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