Central Station Login

This page is for customers of our Central Station Online service.  Central Station Online, powered by AbsoluteProtect, is your portal to access items on your account such as contact list, passcodes, and alarm updates.  Any messages pertaining to Central Station Online will be posted here.


What is Central Station Monitoring?

Without central station monitoring, your alarm system will not contact the appropriate authorities that need to respond during a security breach. Our highly trained professionals that occupy our station will respond quickly once an alarm signal is received.

At Absolute Protective Systems, Inc., we understand the importance of protecting your property, calling to ensure your safety while promptly notifying the proper authorities. We continually invest in and improve the quality and reliability of our central station facilities. But what's most important are the long-term relationships we have built with clients, partners and employees over the decades.

History and relationships matter. It's the difference between being a number in a computer and having a long-time personal contact you can take at their word. It's the stability and reliability that come with over 40 years of experience protecting and serving our clients.

All of our services are provided by our trained staff that ensures your system is working properly to determine when you need upgrades, repairs, or technical support.