Victaulic Vortex 1500 Fire Suppression System

The Victaulic Vortex 1500 Fire Suppression System can effectively be applied in total flooding fire suppression applications in the following areas: Industrial machine spaces such as power generation plants, turbine enclosures, automotive manufacturing, steel foundry Flammable liquids storage Data centers, museums, libraries Mining facilities Since the Victaulic Vortex 1500 system only discharges pure nitrogen and […]

SEVO Systems and Absolute Protective Systems, Inc. Join Forces in New Jersey

Absolute Protective Systems, Inc. now provides SEVO Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems in New Jersey. SEVO Systems has always been a leader in the Clean Agent Fire Suppression Technologies utilizing 3M Novec 1230 Fire Suppression Fluid. SEVO’s comprehensive product line offers systems capable of protecting Special Hazards of all sizes, from the smallest cabinet, up to large electric substations. SEVO Systems’ […]

Victaulic Vortex & Absolute Protective Systems, Inc.

Absolute Protective Systems, Inc. has a long standing relationship with Victaulic. Recently, Absolute and Victaulic teamed up to provide a combined Fire Alarm and Hybrid Fire Extinguishing System for a county critical communication center. The project was designed and coordinated by Dan Clark, and Jason Castanheira at Absolute Protective Systems. HYBRID FIRE EXTINGUISHING SYSTEM Victaulic Vortex™ […]