New Jersey’s Home Fire Problem & Solution

In 2013, 60 civilians and four firefighters died from fire, with the majority of these deaths occurring in residential settings. Home fire sprinklers can cut the risk of dying from a fire by 80 percent. In the event of a house fire, homeowners can expect financial losses 90 percent lower than those that occur from fires in unsprinklered homes. According to […]

Windowless Basement – Sprinkler or Supervised Automatic Fire Alarm

The Department has been receiving a great number of calls from property owners and contractors regarding the requirements for windowless basements. Many have been receiving citations for Uniform Fire Code (UFC) violations. All buildings regulated by Subchapter 4 of the UFC (those that received a construction permit to build before 01/01/77) have been required to […]

CO2 Standards: Do You Know the Dangers of Carbon Dioxide?

You know all about carbon monoxide, but are you up to date on CO2 standards in the fire code? Fire safety expert Shane Clary breaks them down. I love soft drinks that come from a beverage dispenser. The more fizz in my cup, the better. So why do I bring this up? The chemical compound that […]