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Fire Suppression Systems

Absolute Protective Systems, Inc. offers the latest technology and products in special hazard/suppression systems and equipment. Absolute Protective Systems, Inc. also has a professionally trained staff that can train your employees to be prepared for any potential hazards that could take place at your workplace. Absolute Protective Systems, Inc. offers Restaurant Fire Suppression and Range/Kitchen Hood Systems, FM-200 Clean Agent Systems, Carbon Dioxide Clean Agent Systems and Dry Chemical Industrial Systems.

Restaurant Fire Suppression & Range/Kitchen Hood Systems
The Kitchen Wet Chemical Fire Suppression System offers 24-Hour automatic or manual protection for commercial cooking areas: ducts, plenums, hoods and cooking surfaces.

The wet chemical agent is specifically engineered for quicker flame knockdown and faster suppression.

Absolute Protective Systems, Inc. only installs and maintains systems that exceed the stringent UL 300 standard and complies with NFPA Standards 96 and 17A, offering unmatched coverage and protection.

FM-200 is a clean fire suppression agent, ideal for the protection of any facility containing valuable assets vital to the company's ability to conduct normal business operations. FM-200 has no cleanup, eliminating costly downtime. It is safe for occupied areas because it is effective well below any adverse concentrations and does not displace as much oxygen as many other clean agents. FM-200 is gaining wide acceptance as one of the best alternative to Halon 1301.

Carbon Dioxide Systems
Carbon dioxide is a clean, non-corrosive, non-flammable gas which extinguishes fire by diluting flammable mixtures of air and gas or vapor to proportions below their flammable or explosive limits. It is especially valuable where other extinguishing mediums might damage stock or equipment.

Because of its expansive force, carbon dioxide penetrates every nook and corner of the enclosed space into which it is discharged, seeking out every place where a flammable mixture might exist. Carbon dioxide systems are so designed and the piping so proportioned as to prevent freezing due to expansion in the pressure vessel, valves, piping or discharge nozzles. Since carbon dioxide does not deteriorate in storage, the effectiveness of the gas is just as great the day the system is needed as it was the day the storage vessel was filled.

Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression Systems are recommended for protection of unoccupied facilities.  Economical, computer-designed and engineered; using total flooding, hand hose line and/or local application.

Dry Chemical Systems
This system is capable of automatic detection and actuation and/or remote manual actuation. Additional accessories are available for shutting down electrical power to equipment and shutting down the flow of gas lines.  This system allows for automatic detection by means of specifically rated mechanical fusible links or electric thermal detectors. The fire suppression system has capabilities for total flooding, local application, tank side and overhead application. The Dry Chemical system can protect Class A, B and C type hazards. The basic system consists of: dry chemical agent storage tank(s), distribution piping, nozzles, control system, releasing device, thermal and/or fusible link detectors, as well as accessories. Industrial Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Systems have been pre-engineered for industrial hazards like paint spray booths, dip tanks, and flammable liquid storage rooms. 

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