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No matter what the size or type of facility, Absolute Protective Systems, Inc. can customize a security, monitoring, access control, or communications system to meet all your business’ needs. We understand that cutting edge technology, modular design, product innovation, and scalability translates into powerful capabilities and features for our clients. As a full service provider for security and fire protection systems, we provide complete engineering, design, installation and maintenance service. We’re proud to serve a wide array of customers ranging from residential systems to multi-location industrial companies. Whether your solution is one or two products from our security offering or a customized integration of multiple products, Absolute Protective Systems, Inc. offers a comprehensive suite of tools to meet your business needs, in the following areas:
  • Security. Our security systems department designs alarm systems, closed circuit television systems and access control systems.
  • Fire Suppression. Our fire protection department designs the latest fire suppression systems such as Clean Agent, Wet Chemical for restaurants, Carbon Dioxide, Dry Chemical Industrial  applications and High Expansion Foam systems from routine to the most complex applications. We routinely perform surveys to determine the effectiveness of existing systems to best meet fire safety code requirements.
  • Fire Extinguishers. Our portable fire extinguisher department will survey your facility and recommend the proper size, type and quantity. We will also provide a scheduled inspection and service program to meet fire safety code requirements.
  • Fire Sprinklers. We offer a variety of different fire sprinkler systems and fire pumps. Some of our solutions include Wet Systems, Dry Systems, Antifreeze Loops, Pre-Action Systems and Deluge Systems. No matter the size or need of your business, our suite of sprinkler solutions is guaranteed to meet your needs.
  • Audio/Video intercom Systems. Absolute Protective Systems, Inc. offers state of the art, customized, and innovative audio/video intercom solutions for business of any size and scope. These solutions are designed to maximize productivity and security via communication efficiency in the office.
  • Central Station Monitoring. Central Station Monitoring operation provides comprehensive, around-the-clock electronic surveillance for hundreds of clients in the New Jersey area, specializing in residential, commercial and industrial accounts.
  • Access Control Systems. We offer the most advanced, scaleable Access Control System solutions that help businesses regulate access on one door to hundreds of doors, for one card holder to thousands of card holders. Our top-tier Access Control Systems are custom-built for your needs and to your specification, no matter what capacity your business requires.
  • Emergency Exit Lighting. Lights and exit signs are critical elements for safe escape in an emergency. Our emergency lighting systems help ensure compliance with national safety codes. Overall, our integrated departments work together to provide for you or your business a fully customized solution.
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