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Central Station Monitoring

Absolute Protective Systems, Inc.’s central station monitoring operation provides comprehensive, around-the-clock electronic surveillance for thousands of clients in the New Jersey area, specializing in residential, commercial and industrial accounts. Our central station monitoring center delivers end-to-end coverage across your infrastructure – fire systems, security systems, closed circuit television systems, access control management systems, elevator alarm systems, critical equipment, production processes and any other connected devices with electronic sensors. The monitoring coverage offered by Absolute Protective Systems, Inc. to its clients is second to none and ensures avoidance of operational, maintenance, and service problems associated mass volume providers.
How it Works
A sensor at your site triggers a signal reaching our central station monitoring center. Instantly, networked technology displays the information our fully trained operators need to take effective action. This information includes the location and type of incident, the authorities who need to be notified, and the responsible individuals in your organization. Our leading-edge closed circuit television and audio monitoring services even enable our team to verify the status of an emergency, identify the threat, and transmit those images to you and to the proper authorities, serving as a critical record and resource for your organization.

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