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Design, installation, service and inspections.

Protect your business with Advanced Fire Detection & Alarm Systems
Video Surveillance / Closed Circuit TV
Protect your business assets with a CCTV Video Surveillance systems from Absolute Protective Systems
Central Station Monitoring delivers end-to-end coverage across your infrastructure – fire systems, security systems, closed circuit television systems, access control management systems, elevator alarm systems, critical equipment, production processes and any other connected devices with electronic sensors.
Building Sprinkler Systems
Protect your building, equipment & employees with an expertly designed, installed and maintained sprinkler system.
Building Sprinkler Systems
Kitchen fire suppression systems protect your restaurant or facility kitchen
Access Control
Protect your facility with Access Control designed & installed into your complete security system solution.
Save lives and prevent small fires from becoming unmanageable with fire extinguishers.
Clean Agent Protection: A quality fire protection system is much more cost effective than replacing high-value critical data and sensitive electronic equipment.
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Protect your business with advanced fire detection and alarm systems.

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Safeguard your personnel and physical assets with a wide range of security solutions

Protect your facility from fire with a full range of fire sprinklers & suppression systems

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A kitchen suppression system will protect your restaurant or facility kitchen

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Give your family peace of mind with advanced home security solutions.

Save lives and prevent small fires from becoming unmanageable with fire extinguishers.

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The Trusted Choice in Fire Protection & Security

No matter what your fire, safety or security protection needs are, Absolute Protective Systems, Inc. has the right solution. We offer a full range of fire extinguishers, fire sprinklers, fire and security alarm systems, access control, closed circuit television and monitoring systems. Since 1978, our team of over 60 professionals have been providing solid expertise and impeccable service... And we’re standing by ready to help.